All Natural Beef


If you are interested in purchasing a side(Quarter, half, or whole steer) of our all natural farm fresh beef, would like to ask about the current pricing, or have any other questions, please contact Peter Trabbic @ 734-347-9962

Buying a side of All Natural farm raised beef is a great way to get good quality beef and a great price. 

Beef is sold by the hanging weight, which is the weight of a side of beef, hanging in the butcher’s cooler after the head, feet and organs have been removed, but before it’s butchered into the usable cuts. The yield after butchering the side is usually around 60-70% of the hanging weight, depending on the cuts you select. The weight reduction is the result of lost moisture during the aging process, bone removal and the cuts you requested. 

With that being said, if a half a steer weighs 300lbs in the butchers cooler, you pay on the 300lbs and will end up bring home around 200lbs of meat.

To get an idea, a side of beef(half a steer) can feed a family of four for a year. You will need a medium size chest freezer to store it. 


When you buy a side of beef, it will be custom cut to your specifications. The butcher will call you and walk you through all the options. The main questions will be choosing Steak Thickness and Roast Size(3/4in or 1in for Steak Thickness is most common), whether you would like some of the miscellaneous item(tongue, heart, brisket, stew meat, etc.) and Ground Beef packaging size.

Once the meat is ready, you pick it up at the farm and you are all set to enjoy some of the best farm raised beef you will ever have.